August 13, 2009

like little women, only better

Do you remember the scene in Little Women where they've dressed up the cat? In a bonnet? And the cat just sits there and loves it? I always hoped that our cats would be like that. I doubted that they would allow themselves to be pushed in a stroller, but I hoped they would be companions to our kids.

Guthrie and Lt. O'Riley have this kind of tenuous relationship. There is much love between them, but it's obvious that, well, you know how kids can get kind of grabby. Riley's not the most laid back cat. In fact he's kind of aggressive. Like pet me NOW. I will sleep between your legs NOW. I will take over most of the couch/bed/floor or wherever you are NOW. But it seems that him and Gus have made a sort of pact, like ok I really want attention and you'll give it to me, but I'll have to put up with some obnoxious stuff like you tickling your face with my tail even though you're sitting two feet away from me. Zoe pretty much has nothing to do with Gus, but she's the most relaxed cat so this whole thing surprises me.

So, as I'm sitting here checking my mail Guthrie is intensely focused on getting Riley to do what she wants, which right now is to wear a ribbon as a belt.

I get up and go downstairs and ask if she's coming with me and she said, 'No, working.' And she is working hard because the cat does not like to accessorize.

I think he's kind of smug that at 9 lbs she cannot lift him at all- especially if he makes himself floppy. Which I think is super funny because I remember her doing that very same thing to me about a year ago. Karma can be funny sometimes.

I come back upstairs and he is still laying here. It's been at least 10 minutes now with this belt thing which is a feat of concentration for both Guthrie and the cat.
Finally he gets fed up and needs to clean himself and really I cannot blame him. She does seem to create what John has deemed 'baby grease'.

This is definitely a new record though and I'm sorry to say this Riley, but I see bonnets in your future!

And now she tells me no, she cannot put on new underwear because she must go talk to Wiwey. I'd love to be privy to that conversation.

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