December 17, 2008

seven and seven.

no, not the drink silly. I've been tagged by my friend Stephanie over at Product of Feminism. The meme is 7 random facts about yourself and then you tag 7 people so they will post the same on their blogs. I know, it's all so exciting. I've never been tagged before and have been suffering a little tag-envy. Best Pre-Christmas Present Ever Steph! Thanks!
So, on to the list . . .

1. I love weather. Ok I know, that's not so much a surprise. I think this is why southern California was not a good fit for me. I will gladly suffer through -30 and 104 in a matter of months because it means it's not sunny and 70 day in and day out. I hated that. How do you remember anything if you can't remember it by the weather? Seriously. I can tell you how the air felt on my wedding day or the day we brought Guthrie home, but I can't tell you what my first or last day of grad school felt like because it may as well have been the same day!

2. My first job was at Baskin-Robbins. Followed shortly by working at a daycare which would become my ultimate fall back job in almost every new city I moved to over the years. It's one of those, I know I can do it, I know I can be ok at it, but it's not my passion things. And I'm determined that it will never become my fall back job again.

3. I dream pregnancy and birth. Let me explain. Since I was a little girl I've dreamt about either being pregnant or giving birth- sometimes to 8 or 9 babies at a time. My grandma Masil does some dream interpretation and she told me not to worry; it wouldn't be all --move over john and kate because john and darah have come on the scene! and gave me good answers to my questions. Fast forward a couple decades and several dozen 'kids' and I'm pregnant with Guthrie. About 8 of my friends are pregnant at the same time and we're all due within about 6 months of each other. For every single one I dreamt their birth within 24 hours of it happening. How freaky weird is that? Sometimes I would wake up and just have a sense, oh I bet Melissa is having her baby soon. And sometimes it was so much more information. Like my friend Jun-Nicole. I emailed her a couple days after my dream wherein she had a boy, he was huge and there was something weird about his name. No one could tell it to me and then when they did I couldn't remember it, etc. She emailed me back from the hospital and said I could have a future as a fortune teller. Her as yet unnamed son was significantly larger than his older brother and he was born the morning of my dream. I told you it was freaky weird. And then of course I dreamed Guthrie. For about 3 days straight before I went into the hospital. Her gender was a surprise so I only told my L/D nurse about the dreams. She came back to check and see if I'd been right that she was a girl. I'll be interested to see if this pattern continues when we have more kids.

4. I spent my 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st birthdays on grand adventures. My birthday is in the summer, so it wasn't that difficult. For all except one I was in foreign countries - let me tell you, not a huge deal to turn 21 in Europe- and for all I kind of wished I was home!

5. Every spring I have insomnia. For about 2 months. It started at least 8 years ago and I thought for sure it would stop my first spring of being a mother because of the sheer exhaustion. Not so much. I mostly just watched my baby sleep, which wasn't all bad really.

6. I hate Phil Collins. With a passion. Oh, his voice just grates on me. And don't get all- what about Genesis? That was ok, wasn't it? No. It Was Not.

7. I got a C- in Home Economics in 7th grade. Shocking isn't it?

So, now I'm tagging seven of my friends:
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Steph said...

I love it! Great stuff. Go to my blog and check out the comment "Ingrid" left under the Keigh Olbermann on Gay Marriage clip. I don't even know where to start. Is it worth my time to respond?

..melissa.. said...

I love your number 1...and I agree. The same weather everyday is stupid. I associate things to random power outages or snow days. "Remember the inaugural day storm where we lost power?" or "How about when we didn't have power for 7 days because of the ice storm the day after Christmas!"

Here in SoCal it's like "Remember when it was over a 100 the other day..oh wait, that was today, yesterday, and the day before" I miss seasons, can you tell??

garbo said...

Too funny--C- in Home Ec! I almost got kicked out because I couldn't sew a gym bag. Also exploded a pop can lamp in industrial tech. So there you have it. I may use that in my own list, once I have some wine and commence to writing. I love that you dream babies!


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