December 22, 2008

pictures and more pictures

I've taken to holding my breath and silently saying bad words in the middle of the night.
Do you know why?
That's the only time they plow our neighborhood. After 9:00. Before 4:00. It makes me kind of feel like the last picked kid during a dodge ball game. Or that I might live in the ghetto. Nah, scratch that- they wouldn't be plowing if it really was the ghetto. But mostly I cringe and hold my breath waiting for the grating ice or beeping or flashing lights to wake up Guthrie.
Like most of the country we're encased in ice and snow. Unlike most of the country we kind of expect it. I mean, duh, it's Iowa. Yesterday it was -10 when I got up. Today it was -7. Definite improvement. Improvement enough that Guthrie was allowed to go out of the house. In very short doses. I will say this 10,000 times over the next few years and I will say it again for you: thank goodness we bought a house with a middle wall. It's like a habitrail for toddlers. Probably 5 times a day Guthrie breaks out in a sprint (curiously it's usually after she's gone #2, cause for track running celebration?) and circles. Dining room, kitchen, foyer, living room. Dining room, kitchen, foyer, living room. It is such a life saver.
Anyways, I said I was going to post pictures right? I thought you would love to see some more of our house in all its Christmas glory. Here goes!

you know. or not. blogger is kind of hating me. I will try and post some stuff tomorrow!

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