December 16, 2008

we're finally catching up...

with the rest of the country! It has snowed and snowed today. I would be surprised if we ended up with less than six or seven inches. Tomorrow will be a fun day I think. Snow pants will be worn for sure! Guthrie and I shoveled earlier this evening. She was in charge of the handrails. We've got some awesome snow-free handrails if you need some as she was very, very thorough. And then she was very, very irritated because the snow kept falling - so much that by the time we got done shoveling we had probably another 1/2 inch on the sidewalk. The forecast includes words like 'frigid' and 'bitter cold' -- I guess it's officially winter.

John turned 30 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DA!!! We started celebrating early last night with our moms coming over for pizza and tres leches cake and then today went to Grammy Patty's house for breakfast and presents. I will let him tell you what he got, but, if I may say so, it was a pretty awesome birthday.

Then, in keeping with the Spirit of Celebration!, Guthrie got to go to the doctor for her two year check up. She celebrated all over the floor of the office. Loudly. With many shrieks and screams. That's always such a proud moment. So, here's what we found out at the doctor's: we have no idea how much she weighs or how tall she is or what her temperature is. We are certain her lungs work fine as there was no wheezing amongst the screaming. And that's about it. I know. Best doctor visit ever. That said, our new favorite doctor ever was kind and understanding. He won me over when he said it was more important to him that Guthrie and him build a good rapport than looking in her ears right this minute.
The doctor did agree with us that she needs to be evaluated by a speech therapist as she's just having a really hard time with many consonants. Words such as hippo, apple, Elmo, hide, elbow, help and Ernie (do you see a theme? or more than one theme?) have always come easy as do M's and D's but the rest are tough. I'm excited to work on this with her as I think girlfriend has a lot to say that she just can't. She tries so hard to communicate and all three of us get frustrated. She's wanting to put three words together into a sentence and well, there just aren't all that many permutations of the words above that make sentences one would want to say! I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

In other news, it's been a tough few days at our house. Last week I got laid off from my job. I know. It makes me a little sick to my stomach too. Ok, a lot sick. This holiday season will be a little gray around the edges for us, I think. Applying for unemployment was, well, humbling, but I know how fortunate I am that I can do it. We've been in this boat before, except that we didn't have a new house, a daughter, or this many student loans. Hmm, I guess that makes this a different boat then. These past days have been an effort for me, if I can be honest. An effort not to snap at my family, not to break down in tears when we run out of coffee, laundry soap and dish detergent all in the same morning, and an effort not to just go back to bed. I'm trying so hard to see the opportunity in this because there has to be one. Somewhere. But right now I just can't. So, we'd welcome your thoughts and prayers. That right there took some effort too. I could go on, but this post is so long already! So, I guess in conclusion, this recession is hitting close to home. We're feeling keenly what over a million other people in this country are feeling right now. My hope is that everyone in this boat, ourselves included, have blessings that they can count and focus on through the holidays and that if you find yourself including us in your prayers, well, please include them also.

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Dawn said...

Hello, I came over to say "hi" from Steph's blog, A Product of Feminism. Your little girl sounds adorable. I remember the same thing happening with the screaming years ago when I took my daughter to the dentist. ;)


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