November 18, 2008

we's powerful

Most of the people who read this blog are either friends or family. Uhh, or maybe you all are. We're approaching 9000* page loads, which I assure you is a drop in the bucket. A very small drop! The bucket being the world of mommy-blogging. I think we've capped out at 85 visitors in one day. One of my favorite bloggers Dooce, well, they estimate she gets a million hits a month.
Anyways, my point was - have you heard about the Motrin disaster? I think it's pretty awesome.
Motrin made an pretty snarky ad about babywearing moms and their need for a pain reliever. It was sarcastic and belittling and even if I weren't a babywearer I would have been pissed.
Apparently so was everyone else. Within a couple days, maybe less, the ad was taken down and a formal apology was in place. You know why? Because of moms who write on the internet.
Blogging is the party line on crack. Add Twitter to the mix and well, I don't have anything to compare that to. Heroin? The day the ad went up it was the most tweeted subject. Which is insane.
Mommy-bloggers have gotten a lot of flack in the past. Mostly by people who don't know what blogging is or why it could be important. We're the new demographic, even though many of us are not that new. But apparently we're not taken as seriously as say the soccer moms of a few years ago or Motrin would have known better. My friend Jen emailed me this article about it.

I guess I have two things to say about it before I'm done with this link-heavy post (sorry about that!) 1. Duh, of course us babywearers are pissed off. We're tired to death of being stared at in Target and commented on only slightly behind our backs. By "slightly" I mean 2 feet behind me, "I think that completely screws up your child. She'll never be independent and it'll be her mom's fault." Gus was about 10 weeks old for that one. So really, I'm not surprised at the backlash towards a major company (whose product most of us buy) who would put out an ad pegging us as trendy and shallow. And 2. well you don't get to hear 2 because I just had to say "Show mommy where you colored with the permanent marker on the floor."
But clearly hell hath no fury.
We will blog about it and you'll have to spend millions cleaning up after yourselves.

*and we know that about 4000 of those hits are from Auntie Teresa.
we love you!

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kathleen said...

I hadn't heard about that. What the heck was Motrin thinking?!

ps. I'm confused about what exactly twitter is? :)


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