November 17, 2008


It was one of those days today. An almost-winter day. There were flurries. There was the flu. There was a chicken roasting in the oven, soon to become soup. There two colds. There was a lot of bedding airing out on the line. No one felt 100%.

The thing about it is that is was kind of a nice day. Guthrie went to Grammy's this morning and I finished up some work and got out of the sick house for a few hours. Then grocery shopping and home for a kind of free day. It's rare that John and I get a day mostly off with Guthrie that doesn't involve a weekend and therefore involving errands and housework.

We watched a movie today. Ha! How great is that? And it wasn't Nemo!

As the sun came out right before it started to get dark I got a preview of how much I'm going to love our windows this winter. We have 27 windows. Yes, I counted before we bought the house. The best ones- besides the one in the kitchen which looks out onto the backyard- are the sets of south facing bay windows in the dining room and our bedroom. Eventually there will be banquettes. I am very excited. The sunshine streaming through totally makes up for the utility bills.

Today it was that perfect white light that belongs to winter- especially in the midwest. It makes up for what I miss about the light in California. And it changes everything about how your house looks. All new and fresh and clean. I love it.

So, even though it's not technically winter - we haven't had our first inch of snow, just flurries, or had to really scrape the car, just turn the defrost way up - the windows are telling me that it's coming. And as long as it's not as harsh as last year, I'm pretty excited about it.


Kathryn said...

you are so in love with weather!

D, J, G said...

duh. cuz it's a-mazing.


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