November 23, 2008


Yesterday when I got up before everyone else at 6:45 for no good reason I thought to myself, this would be a great day to make some good breakfast. And then I didn't know what to make. I'd already made scones and muffins in the past couple weeks (pumpkin scones* and carrot muffins) so I didn't want to make those. We have frittatas pretty regularly and I didn't have random veggies to throw in that weren't already assigned to Thanksgiving duties so that didn't excite me.
Eventually it was herbed scrambled eggs and toast with fig preserves. The preserves are from John's aunt and they are AMAZING. Until an embarrassingly short amount of time ago - actually right about the time when I found out that Guthrie's umbilical cord was not attached to my own belly button. i know right? who would have thought? Anyways I didn't know that figs were grown in the US and so were thereby resigned to boutique preserves or getting dried ones at the store. Well, they grow them in 'Bama and they are lovely. So, Judy, anytime you want to throw some my way you are welcome to! And it wasn't that breakfast wasn't good. It was. It just didn't satisfy that craving for that baked goodness on a cold morning.
This morning I made Honey Baked French Toast and that was good too. Guthrie's a whiz with the microplaner. We're having lots of fun cooking as she gets better motor skills -- and maybe a little better at following directions.
But as I look through my cookbooks I realize I just need more breakfast recipes in my arsenal. So... I'm in search of some breakfast recipes. For the mornings that yogurt and granola just don't cut it. Help!
*so these girls- the ones at bread and honey - are my new favorites.
I've made a few of the recipes and
they've been awesome.
And the photos are great.
I love that they take their food outside!

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Khai and Khoi said...

How about rice with a raw egg mixed with a few drops of soy sauce. Mix the egg and soy, pour over rice and eat with pickles, fish and maybe a bowl of miso soup.


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