August 6, 2008

How to Pick Blueberries

First off, shoot for an 90/90* kind of day. 85/85 works pretty well, but you know, it should be an authentically Iowa kind of day.
Find a U-Pick Farm.

Grab your bucket and overalls (to discourage bugs) and go!
Pick to your heart's content. Eat blueberries off the bush to your heart's content.
Get a little irritated because you are still less than a yard tall and you still kind of have t-rex arms. Try and explain to mom that dude, it's hot and while this is super fun, well, I drank all my water. (She downed the last of her sippy cup-o-water and looked at me and said: no more, bye bye. I think we're getting that whole communication thing down.)Run, run, run to the car-- make your own breeze!

Get sidetracked by the butterflies in the field.We ended up picking just over 2 lbs of blueberries. Guthrie spent much of her time sorting the berries. I say sorting in kind of a loose way - she put them from one bucket to another while I picked. I think we probably only lost a scant 1/2 pound during the sorting process. I'm certain we didn't want those blueberries anyways!

So, after you're all done and all
sweaty and hot and dehydrated
here is what makes it all worth it:
Driving fast with the windows down!! With no pants on!**

*I am of course referring to temperature/humidity.
The higher the humidity the higher the heat index, so really on a 90/90 day it's 100 -
only there's none of that, 'thank goodness it's dry heat' b.s. going on.
It's 100 and it makes you very uncomfortable.
An hour out in this weather turns us all into sweaty southern
women requesting that someone puhleeze bring us a mint julep.
Because really, if you're not going to be air conditioned
you might as well be slightly drunk.
Oh, did I say that on my daughter's blog?
Hmm. The heat must be getting to me.

**I of course kept mine on.

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