August 18, 2008

birdseed and beans

A few days ago when I was vacuuming up the pound of dried israeli couscous that Guthrie had carted into the living room and opened and played with all over the much hated berber (note: toddlers and berber don't mix. hopefully about a year from now you will be reading a post that says 'we tore out our berber today!'). As I was saying, I was vacuuming little pieces of couscous out of the diamond pattern when the thought occurred to me that Guthrie is in dire need of a sensory table. My preschool teacher heart is singing because, dude, sensory tables are the bomb.

As we don't so much have $65 to plop down right now on a lidded table we stopped at Kmart today and bought a lidded Rubbermaid container. And some big girl underwear, but more about that later. At home we filled it with dried beans and birdseed.

Two hours later...

Another hour later mom decided it was time to clean up and meet daddy for lunch.

As I said before, sensory tables are The Bomb. The 10 minutes it took to clean it up was so worth it!

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