August 1, 2008

summer = fun

I've been working some longer hours this week and Gramma Carol's good friend Loree is in town visiting so that means that Guthrie has had some serious adventures.

Come walk on the skybridge with me! (Across the Mississippi River!)


And the Figge Museum, parks, walks and maybe some edging in the front yard (thank you!!) and swimming in the little pool and pizza and picking out paint colors with Grammy Patty.

Did I mention Loree is an amazing photographer?
A lot of my favorite pictures of my childhood are by her.
I still think that owl is a little bit scary though, Loree :)

Guthrie doesn't really seem to notice the humidity. Lucky girl. Mostly it's all been giggles and such vs our sweaty air-so-thick- you -could -cut -it -with-a -butter-knife. She mostly gets to run around in a diaper. Maybe with a onesie. Again, lucky girl!

Oh and did I mention that last week during the 14 hour power outage I introduced Guthrie to the piano?

I think we started something great! It does me some serious good to have the piano my dad learned how to play (and later myself) on in our house for my daughter to learn how to play on. She spontaneously climbs up on the bench and jams when our house needs some music. I love it!


Melissa said...

So, Ms. Darah, we have to talk - has Guthrie taken up smoking and you just haven't told me????? When I clicked on the first picture of her on the sky bridge (which I can't wait to go on!), she just left her cig. butt in plain sight! I thought you were waiting until she was at least 4 to start her on her bad habits!!!

kelly said...

I love the photos! I have to agree with Melissa though... Guthrie really ought to wait a couple years before she starts with the smokes. She does look beautiful, but I hear those things cause premature aging.

D, J, G said...

you know what judgy mcjudgejudges? at least it's not crack, ok?
I told her to wait until preschool, but no, she thinks she's all grown up now!


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