August 19, 2008

see this face?

the scrunched up nose
the squinty eyes
the weirdo tongue

this face can only mean one thing . . .

someone is getting a tooth. or teeth.

please let it be teeth. 4 of them all in a row so we can be done with this!

bring on the cuspids.

as I said above, that face can only mean one thing. I think a lot of kids make it when they are getting teeth. Why is that? Sander made it and I think Teagan made it - so moms, speak up and explain this parenting detail to me!

1 comment:

Stephanie Ann said...

this made me laugh out loud. i love it! she's so cute! we were done with teeth a long time ago....and i'm so glad. teeth along with hailey's tude just wouldn't be a good combo for


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