July 1, 2008

happy birthday!

Dear Guthrie-
Happy Birthday!! You are 20 months old today! I don't know why that seems so much older than 19 months, but it does.

Soooo, we did something pretty big for this birthday (not to be repeated next month, fyi) ... we bought you a house!! Not just you but you and me and daddy and Lt. O'Riley and Zoe all get to live there.

We signed the papers this morning while you were playing with Gramma in the packing peanuts and boxes that fill our home right now. We're so excited! I know you'll be so excited because we have a real, honest to goodness backyard that you can go play in anytime. It's fenced! There are loads of raspberries getting ready to ripen in it right now. How fun will that be? And there are four levels. The basement (just waiting for your bouncy balls!), the first floor with the living room, dining room and kitchen, the second floor with two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a library! (Soon to house floor to ceiling bookshelves- just like that room that mom had one year while she was in college while her and daddy were dating.) And then a third floor that is an open family/play room with a bathroom with a BIG bathtub. You will love the big bathtub. During our first walk through daddy was sold on the fire pit in the backyard and I was sold on the bathtub. They may as well have had a sign that said 'Homebirths R Us' hanging over it. We will have lots of fun in this house. I think we will probably live there for a long time because your parents aren't going to move again until you are old enough to pack your own toys and clothes.

And the house is old. Super old. Like older than your great-grandparents. In two years we will get to have a big party to celebrate our home being 100 years old!

Tomorrow is going to be pretty crazy. Four burly (I hope!) movers are going to come over and put all our stuff into a big truck and then take it and put it into our new house. It will be overwhelming and busy and all in a rush it will be over. And then you will live in Davenport instead of Iowa City. But, don't worry, we'll be coming back on Tuesdays for play time with your friends. We will need our friends to help us make this transition, otherwise we're just going to get all kinds of overwhelmed.

So, happy birthday baby! We love you!!

-- mom & dad


Stephanie Ann said...

what a cute house! congratulations. how exciting!

..melissa.. said...

How awesome!!! I can't wait to see more pictures of the house!

I love your posts...!

Patty G said...

God bless you, Guthrie, your Mommy and your Daddy and those two cats as you start your new life in Davenport! Your Dad and Mom picked you out a great house.

Melissa said...

I will put it on my calendar now for 2010 - celebration at Guthrie's!! Hopefully I will get there BEFORE then! Miss you! Love you!


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