July 16, 2008

longest 2 weeks EVER

I just realized that it's been 15 days since I last posted. I know you've all been on the edge of your seats waiting for pictures of our home and news of our move. Well, you're going to have to wait a bit more. Sorry. I borrowed a card reader from my mom, but now I can't find the camera. I bet it's hiding behind a box.

Moving day went well. Completely overwhelming, but by 7:00 we were eating dinner with Gramma Carol and Grammy Patty (thanks for bringing dinner!!) around our dining room table in our new dining room. I know. I had figured it would be awhile before that happened too! Guthrie did so well with the move. Having just come back from the Babywearing Conference in Chicago with this new wrap I was more than happy to wear her for the first couple hours the movers were there - until she was ready to run around and give the guys high fives. (Side note: the babywearing conference was great. I got some awesome instruction and bought too many things and really it was just nice to be around other babywearing mamas and not feel the least bit self-conscious about wearing Guthrie or breastfeeding a toddler. I'm not self-conscious enough about either of those things to stop doing them, but it's nice when the only comment you get is 'she has really sweet curls' or 'hey that's a great wrap, where did you get it?' Instead of, 'I feel like she's not safe in that sling' or 'isn't she a little old for that?' Thank you, thank you to Jun-Nicole for letting me tag along and experience the conference!) The movers were stellar. Burly indeed. And were in great spirits as Iowa unleashed her humid fury on them in the afternoon.

And so we no longer live in Iowa City. I'll talk about that later -- it still kind of smarts to be not living there. I was pretty attached to the community. A lot happened in my life in the short 3 years we lived there.

In the meantime it's safe to assume that John, Guthrie and I have been eaten alive by the jungle that is our lawn. We finally tackled the back and the front. It took two days. It's not very big, but it was very, very long. It won't be allowed to get that long again. At least not on purpose!
We've had two barbeques - one on the 4th of July to celebrate Gramma Carol's birthday and the holiday and one to celebrate our semi-conquering of the back yard. It'll take a few weeks to get the yard into manageable shape with the weeds. It sure wasn't a priority to weed that first week we were here! It'll be a priority for awhile. Possibly for the next 15 years. But every day new flowers are blooming and it's just lovely. Can you feel me radiating with domestic bliss?

Inside it's not as lovely. I think we've decided on a decorating scheme. L'essence de cardboard box. It's really not a bad color. Kind of neutral. Lots of handy tape you can just rip off as needed. I'm kidding. . . kind of. I've unpacked a lot and there is a lot more to unpack. I'm dealing with the lack of linen closet as best as I know how. Which is not very well. There are stacks of bathroom towels, beach towels, dish towels, and cloth napkins all over the house. We are well prepared for a spill!
We're learning about owning a house. Like how there are spiders in the basement and it freaks me out. Like how if I go up and down the stairs over 25 times in one day my ass hurts the next day. Like how we can't figure out the dang thermostat. Why can't we program it? We both have master's degrees for the love of pete!
All this is to say that we feel like we've lived in our house forever and that no we haven't dropped off the planet or gotten trapped in the attic.

*pictures soon i promise!*

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