June 24, 2008

Morning Glory

I'm having one of those mornings. My BFF Melissa had one a few months ago. That it was a few months ago is no real shock to me -- or any other mom I'm sure. It's 8:30 and I'm post-shower, drinking coffee while my family is still asleep. It is quiet and lovely. I've got a monster to-do list. I know most people have such a list, but really it's so large I had to make an excel file. I think there are 65 things on it. Tomorrow Guthrie and I are accompanying our friend Jun-Nicole to the 2nd Annual Babywearing Conference in Chicago until Saturday and then the following week will be even busier for reasons we'll talk about later - stay tuned!

So, I'm gearing up for a long day. And it is nice and quiet and I'm reluctant to start it. I've already knocked out one thing on my list though, so one down 64 to go.

As I finished writing this a happy little girl crawled out of bed to join me! I'm so lucky! I can count on exactly 5 more minutes of sleepy peace :)
*her morning hair is just almost more than i can handle it's so cute and puffy!*


Melissa said...

I love the bedhead Guthrie! Good luck today with your to-do's. Maybe we need to-don't lists: don't get annoyed at husbands, don't forget to take a break, don't stress over things you have no control, don't forget to ENJOY the process!! Love you!

Aprille said...

Guthrie looks like a rock star with that hair! (I was going to say fashion model, but she looks more like someone who moves around with a lot of enthusiasm.)

Stephanie Ann said...

what a cute picture! I love it!

did you say crawl out of bed? is she out of a crib already? or was it just a figure of speach?


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