June 12, 2008

wanted: noah's ark

I think it might be time to break out the children's Bible and start teaching Guthrie about Noah and the Ark. And just flooding in general.

I've gotten a couple emails asking if we're ok and we are - much of the town and county and central Iowa isn't though. Many, many homes and towns are flooded. Entire towns are out of electricity (I guess I wasn't aware of how quickly you could just run out of electricity) and roads are closed.
And literally, it just will not stop raining. I'm used to the rain NW girl that I am, but this is different, this is flash flooding kind of rain. At any given time we've got flood, flash flood, severe thunderstorm, and tornado watches and warnings for our area and most of the time it's all at the same time. My mom said this morning - you think that once you get through with winter related weather you're ok, but apparently not. She is correct.

I know, I'm getting a little doom and gloom. There's just one more aspect to it though and then we can move on. Some of the roads that they're talking about closing are between John's job and our home. And that can make a girl nervous. On the good side they're talking about closing the 30 mile stretch of freeway on his day off, so we hopefully won't have to deal with him getting stuck on the work side of his life. But then it will remain closed for an unknown number of days. The rivers aren't supposed to crest until June 20th. Yikes.

It's interesting because Guthrie knows something is up. She remarks (I don't know how else to put it. She chirps? She exclaims? Screams? Shrieks?) whenever we drive over the rivers or by a flooded area. We always wonder what is going on in her head. Where does this fit in with what she already knows about her surroundings and world?

We'll keep you updated if we're ever in any danger. I strongly doubt we will be, but we will let you know.

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