May 26, 2008

fridge friend

This is our Ghandi magnet.
Guthrie picked it out at the Co-op a couple months ago.She loves Ghandi. She actually loves magnets in general, but has a soft spot for this one. I think it's because his head sticks to things. She gets a little freaked out when you put Ghandi in a different place, like moving him from the fridge to the oven -thereby illustrating how many things are magnetic. Guthrie could care less about this science lesson.
Ghandi does NOT belong on the oven, but he could find a home on the cabinet brackets... possibly that would be ok.

Just please not on the oven.

I should add that there are many possible fridge friends out
there for us to purchase, but I am glad she picked Ghandi out.
I feel like we maybe need to wait for preschool before
bringing in Foucault or Nietzsche.
We're dealing with many toddler sized existential crises as it is.
Let's not add to that good time just yet.


..melissa.. said...

I want a Ghandi magnet!!!

garbo said...

Totally rockin'! Be the change! I realize we never see you guys because I am eternally ill, but we do miss you! :) It's good to have spirited babies who know what they want and where those blasted magnets should be. . .and how the covers should fall on the bed, and where the tags must go in the shirt, and god forbid the dress have any stitching in the front. . .


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