June 17, 2008

thank you thank you

Thanks for all the well wishes as I embark on that whole 30's thing. My 20's were pretty dang awesome (or at the very least one adventure after another) so I guess I get to just sit back and see how this decade goes. Yeah, right.

It was a weird birthday just because of all the flooding going on and the random ways it is impacting our lives. We were so lucky though that at the most it was an inconvenience for us and not a devastating event. Of course that's just physically. Emotionally we're all sick and sad for our towns. It will take months and months to recover.

We had a low key day - which is just how I like it. We went out to dinner and then drove to see how high the water was. When we came home Guthrie and John decorated my birthday cake! It was lovely. John tried to emphasize the 'sprinkling' aspect of the sprinkles while Gus emphasized the dumping aspect of the sprinkles. My piece I'm happy to report had a 1/2 inch thick pile of purple dinosaurs! Totally made my day! Guthrie was quite pleased with her decorating effort.

Thanks and love to you all!

ps the next day the cake was victim to this unfortunate sneak attack. I kept wondering why she was so quiet out in the living room and where she was walking back and forth to.

She's a little taller than we thought and a heck of a lot sneakier. We're ridiculously proud!

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