May 21, 2008

such a nice day out...

and all the girls wanted to do was play with the ball popper
and tupperware.
It did give Sierra and I a chance to talk though- which we wouldn't get to do if Emma and Guthrie were at the park. They like to wander, er, explore.
This will probably be one of the last playdates we have with Emma and Sierra living as close as we do to each other. We're just getting further and further away. It used to be 5 minutes, now its 90 minutes and soon it will be 2 1/2 hours.
That is so lame.
I have confidence that we'll still try our very best to hang out as often as possible, but I think it's going to be lots more complicated.
We did have lots of fun though - even though we couldn't get the girls to go outside. It's pretty funny; of all of Guthrie's friends Emma's temperament most closely matches her own. They have pretty clear ideas of how they want life to be. I believe the term might be "spitfire." And I don't think any of us four parents would have it any other way, although I do think Randy and Sierra and John and I might have our hands full come kindergarten!

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