April 21, 2008


Last week I took a few days off work. It was nice. We went and saw our good friend Sierra and Emma in Oskaloosa. Let me just say that the days of nice little playdates where Sierra and I can gab endlessly are kind of over. The girls (who were born on the same day) are so active. We flew kites, had snacks, went to the park - had loads of fun. And didn't take one picture to prove it. Dang it.

Thursday Gus and I drove over to Bettendorf to:
  • see dad at work
  • drive by houses
  • see gramma's new digs
Along the way and after a very long nap, Guthrie and I took a side trip to Credit Island which is below the Rock Island arsenal in the middle of the Mississippi.

The Mississippi is flooding something fierce- as you might have guessed- but there was still enough grass to play in and geese to chase and carp to shoot... yes I said carp to shoot. Huge carp with huge men with huge bows and arrows. We watched from a distance. While they were good with the safety aspect I wasn't quite sure I was ready for Guthrie to experience the life and death of fish. We'll leave that for when we move on from Nemo to Bambi. Thanks, Disney for helping us out with those pesky life lessons!

In the next two weeks Gramma will be moving her stuff and herself over to Davenport and so we'll begin our slow transition to life over on the M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I. Yes, we still spell it. We're going to start commuting with John at least one day a week so I can have some work time and Gus can get used to Gramma's new house so that when we move the entire world doesn't change all at once. I think John will like the company in the car too.

Never in ten million years did I think I would live on the Mississippi River.

ps doesn't she look sassy in her mod-60s dress and red galoshes? i fully realize my toddler, my toddler, has a substantially better wardrobe than i do.

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..melissa.. said...

I wish I lived by you and could play with Guthrie...she is just too cute :)


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