April 14, 2008

flooring choices

Dear John,
Before we have any more children we need to rethink our flooring.
After having just spent some quality time with the steam cleaner working on the bedroom floor after "the incident" with Guthrie I've decided carpeting is just not for us.
Give me hardwood, pergo, laminate, marble, tile, heck, I'd even go for vinyl right now.
The whole house.
We can wear socks in the winter.

love you,

p.s. I think maybe Gus has a slight GI bug, FYI.


Brandon said...

Yeah, we are figuring out that we'd like hardwood everything. flooring, couches, pants.

Melissa said...

Sounds like our house! I can't wait to rip out the carpet this summer - hopefully!!! Hope Guthrie is feeling better soon!


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