April 22, 2008

for the birds

good morning.

I've decided that when we move guthrie's room will be bird-based. I don't want to say themed. Theme just sounds so lame and winnie the pooh-esque.

These are the things I think about when I'm lying awake at night. It's spring and I just don't sleep in the spring. Ever. It sucks. I'm tired and cranky, but even when I try and 'sleep when the baby sleeps' during the day it doesn't work. I've usually had just enough coffee to make that an impossibility. John and I are celebrating our 6 year wedding anniversary this weekend and I remember that I didn't sleep the two months before our wedding. I did dishes. Literally. For two months. I thought it was pre-wedding jitters. Nope, it was It's-Spring-So-Darah-Can't-Sleep sickness. And every year I forget until I'm a good 3 weeks into it. I think I must just block it out.

Back to the birds. One of my most favoritist websites is Ohdeedoh - an off-shoot of Apartment Therapy. This morning whilst perusing my blogroll and enjoying some cuban macchiato before heading to work I came across this. how cute is that? I also like this. I know it's a dishtowel, but framed it would be lovely.

So, I guess artsy bird would be the 'theme'.

Did I mention that before this shining star of a girl came into my life I hated birds? I think they're kind of gross. And dare I say obnoxious? I think that's from the crows of my youth. Now, though, I'll go to certain parks that I know have awesome birds because Gus just loves it. Ahh, the sacrifices we make for our kids.
*If I get pooped on I'll be ticked though!

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