March 5, 2008

yay us!

A Girl Named Gus crossed over the 3000 readers mark.
In the world of blogging that is a drop in the bucket, but in our world, well, I don't even know 3000 people.

We could pack a Double A baseball team stadium.

I think we should win a prize.

As should Aprille as she was our 3000th visitor.

Creepy how I know that.

Yay Aprille! You get a super cute and cuddly albeit prone to some crying baby boy! :)

thanks for reading ya'll!


Aprille said...

Woowoo! Congrats on the nice round number, and thanks for the honor.

Patty G said...

You are a very engaging writer and even if Gus was not my beauthiful granddaughter, this is a good read of life for today's family. You wrap daily events in an amusing and touching way.


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