March 4, 2008


Guthrie's Great-Grandparents Randall passed away this last week.

We are sad for their kids- Grandma Vera, Uncle Rob and Aunt Jean and their families, but thankful that they could all be together and support their parents, and each other, as first Great-Grandpa and then Great-Grandma died.

Both had been well cared for in assisted living facilities for the past few years.
Both had celebrated their 90th birthdays.
They were married for almost forever.
Both will be greatly missed.
We hope these next weeks go smoothly and
you all will be in our thoughts.

Thank you for making Guthrie's
family a little bit bigger.
She's got some big britches to fill.
Love you!
d, j, & g

1 comment:

Aprille said...

I'm sorry for your family's losses. It seems like a lot of times people who've loved each other so long die together. It reminds me of Baucis and Philemon.


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