October 18, 2007


Remember a few weeks ago when I posted about Guthrie's diet?

Well, the little vegan moved up to lacto-vegetarian and then back to vegan, and now is ovo-vegetarian. Yay eggs! I'm thrilled she's not allergic to eggs, but we're faced with the probability that she's allergic to milk.


A few bites of yogurt, mac and cheese, or an illicit taste of ice cream (thanks dad! it was SO cold, but I was ok with that!) an on comes the, well, we call it acid pee at our house. For a couple of days afterwards she struggles with horrible diaper rash - and this from a girl who has never had diaper rash in her life. It's awful and uncomfortable. (And yet slightly vindicating after people not completely believing me that she had a negative reaction to any dairy present in my system when she was much smaller and getting all of her nourishment from me.)

On the upside, usually these allergies come in pairs- milk and soy, milk and wheat, milk and nuts, milk and eggs, but, thus far she's good with everything else. So, while she won't be enjoying a milkshake anytime soon, girlfriend can enjoy scrambled eggs and toast with the best of them.

And also on the upside, many times allergies are not lifelong. So, until then (if that ever happens) I'm pondering the horror of raising my baby girl without the joy of macaroni and cheese. Seriously, how will she make it to adulthood?

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