October 18, 2007

field trip

Last week Guthrie got to take a field trip with Gramma Carol to Bloomsbury Farm.

I think it was our first pretty chilly day- as you can see by the bundled up look in the photos. She had tons of fun. I think she's still a little put off by animals larger than your average family pet, but in the end clearly her and the goat made some kind of truce- I'm not sure I would call it friendship though!

And then there were pumpkins and more pumpkins!

She brought two home with her. One is very lumpy and sitting in the middle of our living room (she pats it in a random and vaguely reassuring way). And the other is tall and by our front door. (it was dirty). Both border on the gourdish side of pumpkin.

Anyways, a great time was had by all and after a long bath (she smelled like goat) she settled in for a long night of major dreaming. We can always tell when something major or new has happened during the day- lots of twitching and talking in her sleep.

Thanks Gramma Carol!

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