October 24, 2007

happy feet

I feel like we can officially make the announcement that Gus is walking. She has been making numerous treks between whoever is sitting on the floor and between the furniture. We decided that when she could do 10 steps then we could write it on the calendar.

So, it's on the calendar!

She walked to (or more precisely, walked at) the cat yesterday. Lt. O'Riley is not thrilled about this lumbering giant who kind of looks like she might have had a stroke in her past life-- seriously, I didn't think anything could be funnier than when she was learning how to crawl and she was all lurchy and flailing, but this tops that by a mile. -- with his ears flattened and the whites of his eyes showing he darted away from her and down the hall.

They actually have a very good relationship, even though Guthrie's definition of gentle and ours/the cats' is starkly different. O'Riley doesn't seem to mind the full body hugs and use of his stomach as a drum, but this walking thing could take some getting used to.

Just in time for her 1st Birthday- walking and a top tooth!

Yay Guthrie!

I'll post a picture when we can snap one.


Aprille said...

Congratulations, little Gus!

Melissa said...

Yippee for walking! How much fun it is!!

Melissa said...
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