August 25, 2007


this evening we buried my placenta. if that grosses you out feel free to find another post to read. (there's a good one about the state fair a bit further down.)

My birth attendants were there-- John, my mom, Monica, and of course Guthrie who provided appropriate levity to the situation.
Our friends Melanie and Chris graciously offered their prairie for our ceremony.

Both the sun and moon were out and it was not humid one bit.
John dug a very deep hole, we shared our memories about the very long labor and birth and subsequent emotions and struggles and the pure joy that is our baby girl.
It was beautiful and peaceful.

I think Ani DiFranco has lyrics that say something about 'I'm looking forward to looking back' and there was definitely that sense tonight. I feel like I've passed on to the other side of this experience so that I can look back.

It feels really good.

Now that I can look back I can start to look forward again too. They go hand in hand. I can say with confidence that my cesarean section left me scarred and changed, but transformed too. Guthrie was not the only one born on that operating table.

thank you to everyone who not only participated tonight, but who helped me (and us) get to this point. love.

and after the ceremony, on the car ride home, we shared red velvet cupcakes. how funny is that? :)


Kathy said...

no pictures? :)

"looking forward to looking back" is from an over the rhine song. i like that song.

Kathy said...

hey also thanks for linking to me but i think you accidentally linked to someone else's blog. when they were saying this is not poetry they really meant it. i don't really mean it. i don't think.

Melissa said...

I love you Darah!! I love that you look for a learning and growing opportunity in every event in your life. Though the birth did not happen the way you wished, it was an opportunity for growth, personal insight, and one damn good birth story!!!


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