August 25, 2007

learning curve

Things I've Learned About Parenthood this Week
  • risotto and pears make a great lunch, but are torture to get out of the rug
  • inevitably, eventually, a buck naked baby will pee on the kitchen floor- and play in it
  • there is no end to baby snot
  • "upscale" vacuums can't pick up cheerios for crap
  • baby einstein isn't the worst thing in the world- if it allows me to shave my legs and shower!
  • it's imperative to wave good morning to the trees outside
  • folding laundry isn't as fun as unfolding it
  • it is eerie to wake up and know that your baby has been watching you sleep. i don't know why, it just is


Kathy said...

risotto is one of the words that i hear often but don't know what it is. i always thought it was a spice, like paprika. but why would you put a spice on pears unless you were making a gourmet lunch for your baby. i am confused but too lazy to look it up on wikipedia.

Darah, John & Guthrie said...

oh you are missing out Kathy! it's arborio rice which isn't rice at all but small rice shaped pasta. it takes some paying attention to make, but it's worth it. this is the kind we make the most:,,FOOD_9936_29018,00.html?rsrc=search


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