April 16, 2015

things are growing

My yard is finally looking springlike! The grass is patchy green (not the grass's fault) and the flower beds are starting to fill out again - both with flowers and weeds. Last summer my weeding took a serious nosedive. I always start out the growing season with high hopes for keeping the weeds under control but it never, ever happens. Ever.

Anyways, tulips & muscari are blooming and almost the quince in the back yard. The forsythia is almost riotous as always. This year we need to seriously prune it. And the bleeding hearts are starting! The front flower bed is still new enough that I get nervous nothing will come back.

{the bleeding hearts always come up so fast}

{tiny violets that most people think are weeds but i love them!}

{astilbe, which i love so much and i have so much trouble growing)

But it seems to be doing just fine. The pasta (hosta) plants are poking up as are the lilly of the valley.  In fact a few days ago I got really excited that my asparagus was starting, but upon closer inspection it was a whole bunch of lilly of the valley that made it's way under the fence into the asparagus patch.  (so will soon be transplanted!)

And then, this morning  ----

{the first asparagus}
 the first real asparagus! so exciting. This is the 3rd or 4th season for this patch so I'm crossing my fingers for a real harvest. The peas are coming up much to Laithe's excitement. Not that Guthrie doesn't like being outside, but Laithe is my helper most often. 

This time of year I'm always so thankful for the extra sunlight and hours outside. My favorite is to get up early and work with headphones on before everyone else gets up. That hasn't happened yet this season, but I'm crossing my fingers it will soon.

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Luci & Loree said...

I also have ALOT of those little violets! They must seed like crazy..but I like them about hither and yon as they like.


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