April 12, 2015

easter 2015

Laithe was the most excited about Easter this year. He said it was the jelly beans. Maybe it was, but kiddo woke up every day asking how long until Easter for like 2 weeks. The Thursday before Easter one of our homeschool friends organized an egg search and potluck for several families and it was so incredibly great. We frequently thank our lucky stars we've found this group of friends! 

For our own little family we dyed eggs & grew wheat grass. 

And enjoyed the cuteness of our kids.

Juniper got a basket full of eggs stuff with puffs. She was pretty pumped.

Guthrie and Laithe got mini birdhouses, tiny animals and birds, activity books and of course some candy. The Easter bunny had left a yard full of eggs stuffed with beads, candy, quarters, and other little treats. People in the midwest (is it only the midwest?) tend to get a little crazy with their Easter baskets. Like lots of new clothes, copious amounts of stuffed animals, gift cards. I am glad we haven't taken on that tradition and kept things relatively simple. 

I made them sit on the couch in their fancy clothes before grandmothers got here. 

Then there was the egg hunt, a yummy brunch, the tradtional silly string and chocolate overload.

Just think -- last year we were this: 

and this year we have this: 

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Luci & Loree said...

AND she is a little cutie!! Looks like all had a good time!


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