April 2, 2015

april challenge

I really, really want to get back into writing here, but I'm struggling to find both the time and inspiration. Which is funny because I have three little amazing inspirations that I spend my days with! But, you know how it goes.

So! I'm going to do a 30 day challenge using writing prompts I found. We shall see how it goes. I have middling hopes :)

Making it easy for the first day (which is actually the 2nd day because wednesdays are SO busy)  --

 5 favorites . . .

  1. weather. all kinds of weather -- just as long as it changes!
  2. sourdough toast. real west coast sourdough. not this midwest crap. you need an ocean for the kind of wild yeast i like. apparently. 
  3. pulling weeds - a manageable amount of weeds at least. 
  4. those first few minutes in the morning when I'm the only one awake
  5. coffee & the act of making coffee

5 things i dislike . . .

  1. cleaning out bowls i've made bread in. dough on a sponge is the grossest.
  2. really loud movies in the movie theater.
  3. injera. which is Ethiopian bread. which is something i feel pretty badly about.
  4. cauliflower. i just can't.
  5. being constantly interrupted. it's just part of my life right now, but it is really a struggle.

5 things that make me cry (happy cry, but sometimes ugly cry) . . .

  1. flash mobs - especially this one. i kind of can't watch it anymore, i get that emotional.
  2. kids totally absorbed in their play
  3. drums. native american drumming, drum lines, when I was in college my mom and I saw Bring in 'da Noise, Bring in 'da Funk with Savion Glover and that kind of solidified it for me. drum circles -- no way. so. much. anxiety.
  4. people talking about what they're passionate about. Ted Talks all the way. 
  5. all the commercials about family coming together during the holiday season. i know. so cliche, but totally honest!

5 things things i don't really know what to do with. . .

  1. my 5 year old's defined 6 pack. It certainly has something to do with his build and that he lives on yogurt, green smoothies and cracker, but it's weird to see all the same. 
  2. bedtime. this was almost on my dislike list, but there are so many sweet things about it. and in 10 years I'll look back with fondness, but realistically there are maybe 2 nights a week that don't involve me hitting my limit about halfway through. it always ends up ok, but man those few minutes post-teethbrushing pre-settled in, they are a doozy. 
  3. the amount of unseen work i do. i know it's the plight (or whatever) of the stay at home & homeschooling parent but holy heck people. 
  4. guthrie asking me if she could go shopping with me this year on black friday. "but honey black friday is in November and it's only April." "No mom, my friend said this friday was black friday." "um, do you possibly mean Good Friday? Because that's a whole different kind of holiday. And we don't shop that day." awkward.
  5. me time. i recognize the importance of having time to do the things I love, but it throws me off. if I get an afternoon sans children I find myself incredibly impatient leading up to the moment they leave and then pretty crabby during the evening after they come home. what is that? it's frustrating. so do i not have enough "me time" or too much or what? and this me time phenomenon that's so pervasive in my generation, it kind of drives me nuts.
See you tomorrow!


Patty G said...

With you on the flash mob, it is a really good one. Glad you are back to trying to blog. I have missed it.

Luci & Loree said...

Good, great blog.... a person would have to think about these things. And what do I get out of the whole thing? I LOVE weeding, so satisfying, and I don't like them taking space and water away from the GOOD things...


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