December 8, 2013

winter wonderland

A whole day of snow! The third snow of the season, but it's different when all the leaves are gone and  you're unpacking bins of Christmas decorations. 

We made the trek to get a tree a on Friday. John cut down his first Christmas tree- he was quite proud and I was a little smug that I've held tightly to this real tree tradition. 

If you follow me on facebook/instagram, you'll know that our trek was full of tears on the kids' end. In their defense it was pretty darn cold, like -1 windchill. But still. They were supposed to be joyful! 

Anyways, it's a nice tree. And I honestly don't know if they remember their own fussiness because the awesomeness of the tree outweighed everything else. 

Gigantic though and bigger than any piece of furniture we own. Times a thousand. We let the kids decorate until they were done and then I decorated a bit and made sure our stockings were hung. 

Today has been quiet. In that two kid, pre-Christmas, first snow in awhile kind of way. I got some wrapping done and split pea soup is bubbling on the stove (not for dinner but for my lunches this week - I'm the only one who will eat it! Tonight is cheesy risotto because it's the mother of all comfort food). The house is full of kids who are tired of snow and have filled the entryway with their massive amounts of winter accoutrement. I made them popcorn and they spilled nail polish remover all over. And had lots of fun. 

Laithe and I had some quiet fun inside reading near the heater vent and doing puzzles. He's good in the snow for about 15 minutes. If I remember correctly Guthrie was around 5 before she really loved the snow, so for now I have a buddy and I'm ok with that.

And the dog - oh she is joyful in this snow! Her hip seems to have healed well and she bounds and races around in her puppy kind of way. It's very sweet. 

I'm trying to not get overwhelmed by this season this year. Some days that works. Someone else mentioned that their days are full, but not frantic and I think that's where we're at. We've got something scheduled every day this week, but next week there's very little on the calendar except John's birthday. And then he has the whole week of Christmas off and we're all very excited. My goal is that by the time he starts his vacation I'll be completely ready for the holidays and we'll just get to play and have fun. Although last minute wrapping can be kind of fun too- but you know what I mean! 

This week will be our last week of school until the new year and I think we're all good with a bit of a break. It's not that it's overly structured, or that they're getting pushed too hard, but it seems that they're just learning by leaps and bounds and breaks are always good to let that newfound knowledge happily settle in. And mama's good with a break too. We're starting January with a math unit and I need to make sure it's solid because Guthrie loves math and I think it will be kind of intense. 

I just tasted the soup and lunch will be yummy this week. 

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Luci & Loree said...

why did they have finger nail polish remover out with the popcorn??? :)
Love the HUGE tree!!


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