December 10, 2013

little reader

Last week I fixed a snack for the kids and then left the room.

I came back to find Guthrie with her book set up so she could read while she ate.

Be still my mama heart!

It's not that this journey to reading has been particularly difficult in the grand scheme of things because really it hasn't. Frustrating? Most definitely. Have there been some painful moments? Uh yeah. Tears? A few. On both our parts. 

Guthrie seems to be a bit of a perfectionist. Which is neither good or bad, but it makes trying new things difficult. Sometimes she seems paralyzed by the fear of failing. It just wasn't what I expected from her. The other thing was that I expected that there would be this moment where a light somewhere would go on and she would get it. The light has been more like a steady small flame and there were no moments where the clouds parted and angels sang. This has just been a steady plod forward - and sometimes backwards. There's still not a huge amount of confidence on her part and she still balks at reading aloud and fusses when I choose something for her to read, but whatever, she's doing an excellent job and I couldn't be more proud of her. Even when I'm frustrated. 

Every kid has their gateway books, the ones that really, really help and the ones that they'll read on their own. Ours have been the Level One BOB set and then anything by Cynthia Rylant, but especially the Mr. Putter and Tabby books and Annie and Snowball. They're just sweet little books - and they have plot! Unlike the BOB books, but those were really, really useful for building confidence. 

I have loved watching her learn to read though. I am so glad that we didn't force it any earlier - this has been the perfect timing for her. 

Here's to many more times of finding her at the table with her nose buried in a book- even if it drives me crazy someday!


Patty G said...

While it may be frustrating for you, she read to me Thanksgiving Day from the Snowball book and she did very well. I got tired about 3/4 of the way through but she did great. I tutor 3 graders who do not read this well. Good job Mama and Guthrie!

Luci & Loree said...

Ah, reading, reading, reading, what an adventure!!! many endless hours ahead....


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