October 9, 2013


I love October. Might be my favorite month.

Last week I looked at my calendar and it was blissfully empty for the month. 

Which apparently was just because I hadn't looked at my phone - where I keep my master calendar. 

Busy, busy.  

There's this thing we do in the midwest where we grasp the last bit of sunlight and warmth and pack as much as we can into it before the snow and ice come. Rather maybe the darkness and wind - because really those are the issue. 

So, it's a good busy. Likely our last weeks without coats and mittens and socks, though yesterday both kids were wearing them.

Before I go getting overwhelmed with it all though I'm reminding myself of all the stuff to look forward to this month:

:: the leaves. do you have favorite trees in your neighborhood that you anticipate? Out our bathroom window is a group of (well, I don't know what they are, but tree identification is something we're doing this month so I'll get back to you) trees that turn bright yellow. I noticed yesterday that it's starting!

:: october skies. nothing like them

:: visits from friends! yay! always so soothing for the soul.

:: planning of Halloween costumes

:: last month of someone being 6! oh my!

:: homeschool classes -  a field trip to a bee farm and a class about migratory birds

:: a small (hesitant) sigh of relief that someone is moving into an easier phase of being 3

:: decorative gourd season "when my guests come over it's gonna be like, BLAMMO!" (as you know i don't shy away from language, so there's a warning!)

:: cleaning up the garden. guthrie and her friend picked a bunch of tomatoes yesterday. every time i think it's the last time.

:: soup. not even joking.

:: knitting in cooler weather

1 comment:

Luci & Loree said...

You always make the mundane an EVENT!!! Now I am also looking forward to those things, that I didn't even know were there to look forward to!!


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