October 17, 2013

moving along

It's possible I'm struggling a bit this morning. Seems like this whole week. A week of missed alarm clocks due to going to bed too late. And I'm at that point in my life


Seems Laithe is really good at hoping on one foot these days - while screaming "where's my other shoe?!" . . .

It was where he dropped it last night next to the front door.


I'm at that point in my life where I need to get up before at least one of the kids in order to be a good parent. And I need to be awake at least 2 hours before I need to begin teaching.

Neither of which has happened once this week.


and now a helmet. it's football season among the boys right now...


I'm nursing a second cup of coffee in hopes that my headache will go away. This season has been one of headaches. I need to make a chiropractor appointment and maybe adjust my pillow situation. Darn you sinuses.

Seems I could make a laundry list of what is not quite right this morning (we ran out of dishwashing soap - and dude those dishes are not getting washed by hand - there's another another fort in the dining room even when everyone knows that forts belong in the living room, it's coat and sock season. ugh. I myself am thrilled, I as a parent, well, I dread the day.

It's possible the calendar has something to do with my mood. This weekend marks the beginning of holiday madness - at least in my book. Halloween costumes and planning for a birthday. I love this time of year, but I dread it a bit too because I know how stressful I can let it get.

It's also possible that homeschooling is tiring. Like more than I will ever give it credit for. Even when we have amazing days. Neither the amazing days or the total crap days happen without a lot of work on my end. It's also possible that being a stay at home mom is exhausting in it's own right. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's the monotony of chores that just need to be repeated in short order that kills me. And the really, really long shifts.

The other big one is that I've missed my walks with the dog. A couple miles a day several times a week did us both some serious good. She woke us up whimpering a couple of weeks ago and after an appointment with the vet - where I kid you not she told me that she frequently sees these kinds of hip injuries after a dog has been hit by a car, in our case the car was named Laithe, we're instructed to take it easy with her for a bit to let her heal before getting back to our routine. That was bad news, but the really bad news was that upon x-ray we discovered Tegra was born with hip dysplasia which thus far she has no arthritis from, but it may make injuries more common and then there will eventually be arthritis and pain. Or she can have some surgery. Which isn't at all on the table right now financially. Because that shit is expensive. This spring/summer has been a run of crap luck for us financially and we're not sure what will need to happen to get us back on track. I'm personally just hoping that we're maybe good for awhile and have paid our adult dues or something.

A blogger I love had an infestation of mice a month or so back and she commented on how she keeps hearing from people that just when things look dire and it's been a stressful, stressful time in their lives they will have an infestation of something - like mice or roaches or whatever - almost like a plague.

I think our mice are gone. I mean they're birth cycle is 3 weeks and it's been just over 2 since we've seen evidence or had anything in the traps so here's sort of hoping.

She hasn't made mention of whether people who have had said plague-related incidents notice an upswing of luck after the plague has been taken care of.

Maybe I'll email her. . .

Until then a field trip to an apiary/farm this afternoon and a trip to the fabric store tomorrow. Lots of sewing and knitting to get started and finished in the coming weeks. Rumor has it that the first hard freeze will be next week. My yard. Oh my yard has been so neglected. We need a crisp weekend with a bonfire and flannel where everyone works to winterize and get things tidy.

And I believe a 3rd cup of coffee is in order!


Luci & Loree said...

Oh dear, there are days and then there are just days... :) We all think the world of you!!

RETA said...

Nice writing - keep posting. I hope you are well.


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