August 21, 2013

slow days

A few slow days here after weeks of busy ones. Funny how it takes fevers and sore throats to really slow down, although we didn't have a lot planned this week.

We've been relying on books, netflix, kindle games, and broth to keep first Guthrie and now Laithe on the couch or in bed. It hasn't worked all that well, surprise surprise! But they have been much more willing to just hang out at home.

While having sick kids is certainly not my favorite - and certainly not my parenting forte - it has afforded me the opportunity to catch up in the kitchen (yogurt, kidney beans, pulled pork in the crock pot, roasted tomatoes, blanched green beans) and organize our school stuff for the year. Which helped me figure out what we absolutely need in the realm of school supplies. I love that the list is not long and it is almost completely art supplies. There are a couple resource books I'd like to pick up rather than keep checking out from the library and Guthrie wants the next workbook in her Explode the Code series. I was going to leave out workbooks this year, but if she wants to do one I'm not going to stop her! And that is it. We should be ready for the year.

Sunday is my final day for planning and I need to make a list of what I want to get done before then so I don't waste precious vacation time.

Just got another request for broth and orzo so I'm off to cook that up. Hopefully this afternoon will include some sewing. We all have major patching needs and I just keep putting it off because it's not fun. And maybe I'll decide what to do with the 10 lbs of tomatoes I've picked from the garden this week. So many options!

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Luci & Loree said...

10 LBS of tomatoes!!! Yumo!!! Darah, I would like to get you a reference book that you need/could use....


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