August 16, 2013

not-first day of school

This week is the back-to-school week it seems for most of the mid-west.

It always feel so early, but they get out of school in May so, it makes sense. I'm a post-Labor Day kind of girl myself, and this year we'll be super post-Labor Day not starting until the 9th of September. Which I'm really excited about because it means we get 2 weeks of vacation with John which we wouldn't get if the kids weren't homeschooled.

My facebook stream is full of First Day of School photos from all our public and private school friends and I have to admit it tugs a little. I don't know if it's nostalgia or envy or what, but there's something there. There's just that feeling of the First Day of School that I'm not sure my kids will experience in the same way that I did. I mean we do the scrubbed clean and shiny first day of school pictures on the front porch and we make a fuss because I'm a fan of fuss and tradition and celebrations wherever we can stick them, but it's not paired with the smell of school halls and that knot of anticipation and anxiety you get on your way to the bus. I know there will be lots of excitement though.

Not like they really know what they're missing. Guthrie had 3 years of preschool, but I believe that her memory of those First Days will be what we tell her in our Family Lore. You know? I'm sure she'll remember her time there because it was such a fantastic experience, but not the First Day of School. I know what they're missing though- I think that's what is causing this. My kids are having different experiences than I did. And really, yay for them!

And in no way do I want to change what we are doing. This fleeting moment of whatever is just that.

Frequently you'll see homeschool groups throwing a 'not back to school' celebration this time of year. I don't know how I feel about that. I mean, I'm always up for a party and I'm always up for being proud and celebrating active choices. I'm not up for being smug about our decision though. This works for our family. It may not be the best choice for your family or even an available choice. None of these choices are wrong. Ever.

Today, while the neighborhood is in school my kids are climbing the tree in the back yard, working on their cardboard fort, working on their interpersonal "skills" (ha!), measuring cicada husks. . . these choices we are making are really good for our family.

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