December 14, 2012

thoughts while elving

With something on the calendar every day this past week and all through next Tuesday I am spending every free moment elving. My knitting callous is back and a trip to the chiropractor was much appreciated as I continue sewing like a crazy person. I made a commitment this year to do largely handmade gifts. For partly financial reasons, but also because it's what I love to do. Every stitch or snip is done in love.

Unless I'm watching Alias on Netflix, then my love is a little more adrenaline based. Does anyone else feel like they've grown up on JJ Abrams characters? And is it just me who gets a little confused by the pseudo-reality of how Sean was at NYU with Megan and then they both ended up at the CIA, but not together, and then how did no one realize that John Locke used to be head of the CIA before he got all crazy on the island? No, just me? I've been enjoying the Netflix lately. Clearly.

Also though I'm out of podcasts. Listening to them as I knit in the evening I've gotten through my backlog and now I'm thinking about checking out an audio book from the library - on my phone. I know. Boggles my mind. And I'm fairly confident that if my husband wasn't a librarian I wouldn't know about this technology until it was embarrassingly out of date. Certain perks I tell you.

Last night John went to see a late movie and Guthrie was out with my mom. Laithe and I found ourselves home alone, so, after a blissfully short and simple bedtime I pared down my to do list substantially. Just me and Alias and enough cheap wine to leave me with a headache this morning. Another few hours of work over several cups of coffee this morning and I feel like I can see the Christmas lights at the end of the tunnel.

And then today I discovered that somehow I had made a mistake in my mental calendar. A happy mistake that means that I have a few more days than I thought! That after Monday we actually don't have anything planned until our Solstice festivities. And that Christmas isn't actually until the following Tuesday - not Sunday like I somehow I thought even though I have like 4 calendars in view.

Now, if we could just get some snow - it somehow keeps being sent to my cousin by mistake.


Luci & Loree said...

ooo, i like the background and you even got the snow! I could not figure that one out. I mean you already have something pasted in the html, how to put in something else??? Had a flurry of cooking yesterday & sewing today to get your Mom's box ready to mail :) Now i think i can relax :)
Have a Merry!!!!

Jen said...

Guess what returned to Spokane.. yep that's right your order of snow. If only it would realize Spokane is not in Iowa!


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