November 9, 2012

Halloween and 6th Birthday!

A post full of photos is in order! So, Halloween. We had a tiny Batman and a lovely Princess Buttercup - from the Princess Bride. Laithe's wanted to be Batman for like 3 months and John has been reading Princess Bride to the family on and off for a few months now. Once we got the movie Guthrie was sold.

They were super cute if I do say so myself and both costumes have been in heavy rotation since Trick or Treating.

Weekday mornings at Hyvee are realm of little old ladies and stay at home moms and when Guthrie wore her costume to grocery shop I got several approving nods after they complimented her. I guess the presence of water soluble ink marks still on the dress marked that it was homemade? (And not the uneven hemline!) Every year at the 11th hour I question my sanity about homemade costumes. But, well, I do enjoy it and it does kick of the holiday crafty season.

There was not a lick of self-consciousness this year as Guthrie got dressed and I was so thankful - just excitement. And Batman, well, he just owned it.

We did something a little different this year and spent Guthrie's birthday just the 4 of us. 
John took the afternoon off of work and we surprised the kids with a trip to Monkey Joe's. It's a pizza place filled with indoor bounce houses and some games. 
They exhausted themselves completely and we took a drive out to the surrounding farmland before dinner at Guthrie's chosen location - Red Robin. "Because they already know it's my birthday there." And indeed they did! Home for presents and cake. 
She chose a chocolate cake with pink icing and opened presents of legos from her dad and brother - a couple sets, comic books to read with her dad, and a fort kit from me. The legos are a total hit with both kids.

For Guthrie it's all horse stables all the time and for Laithe it is all sword fighting all the time. Sometimes they play more successfully together than others! I'll post about the fort kit later on.

Saturday was the family party with my mom and John's parents which was super fun. We've really tried to pare down and simplify and I've noticed that everything has been played with this week where in years past she's been too overwhelmed by the amount of stuff she received. It's a nice change.

She did have two unique presents from out of towners - Grandpa Dave and Grandma Vera sent a balloon bouquet and it's been hours of fun!
Nana Loree sent an empty cranberry juice bottle filled with little presents. It took her a solid half hour to get everything out - such a fun gift!

Thanks everyone for helping Guthrie have such an awesome week!

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Luci & Loree said...

Aahhh...glad she liked the bottle o' stuff!!! don't know how i missed this post until now. Loved all the pictures!! :) makes me happy


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