September 4, 2012


Well kids, we made it to our pre-park destination.

Cody, Wyoming which is probably a cute little tourist town but all we saw of it was the road in and the block and a half we walked up the road to a little restaurant. John ate an elk burger and really I'm not sure what I ate because I'd hit my limit and was just trying to rush through so I didn't have to be in public with a two year old who had just been released from 26 hours in the car.

I know- what was supposed to be 18 hours turned into 26. Three of those extra hours were spent at a rest stop in Nebraska this morning. The remaining were spent at rest stops. See one of the big things with Guthrie being sick is that she needs to stay really well hydrated so her kidneys stay awesome. There are a lot of rest areas between davenport and cody- and really the kids slept for most of the first 14 hours so it was the last supposedly 4 or 5 that took forever. Also Wyoming is much bigger than anyone gives it credit for. It should really take up 2 pages in the atlas.

Tomorrow we'll procure the most awesome campsite we can but for the next 8 hours I will hopefully be passed out.

I better get on it- 'night!

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Luci & Loree said...

Ain't traveling fun tho?? the getting there and back from the destination is a marathon!!!
Take Care All


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