June 19, 2012

countdown: on!

So, we've been doing some planning. Some planning and working and saving and simplifying and this summer it's all falling into place.

Last Monday I gave my notice at my job!

Mid-July I'll begin a new gig as a Stay at Home Mom.

This fall we'll begin a new chapter as a Homeschooling family.


I'm happy and nervous to put that out there into the universe. Because as if telling my boss about our plan wasn't final enough, telling the internets really puts a nail in it.

We've been working towards this for the better part of a year. Early on, not sure that it would work. Our marital roles were solidified as John was all - why wait until the summer, let's do this now, and I was significantly more cautious. Knowing though that once we made the decision I would be severely disappointed if it didn't come to pass.

It's really happening though.

Telling Guthrie's teacher and then her school was probably the hardest part. In fact I completely wimped out and told them over email. Largely because I knew I couldn't get through it without tearing up. Having such a strong connection to her preschool was not something I saw happening. She's been there for three years though, and in her current class for two. As I told them, I always pictured us making this decision - if we did have to make this decision - within a negative space. Like that things were just not working at her school, she was having a hard time in her class etc. instead it's from a positive space. Her school is so good we would rather she stay there through 8th grade than go to public school, her brother and any future siblings too. Thing is though it would take my entire paycheck to put more than 1 kid through school there. It's a phenomenal school and worth every penny.

Other thing is, though, that I miss my kids. That I've always wanted to homeschool. That my paycheck is not worth missing this time with them. I am not the main breadwinner in our family and on my current track I never will be. Which is not to say that this won't be a difficult transition to a one paycheck family! And we are incredibly fortunate to be able to even try this. I am not for one bit taking it for granted.

And so the countdown begins to our new chapter.

13 more days of work
6 more nights on call (only one of those a weekend day!)
3.5 more weeks to New.

I'm guessing there won't be a lot going on on the blog until then. Although, there hasn't been a lot going  on for awhile - it is garden season after all. See you soon!

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Gretchen said...

I'm SO happy for you!!!

I'm even more happy that I'll be able to copy lots of your homeschooling ideas :)


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