May 5, 2012

dirty hands, dirty feet

you guys, i spent all day working in the yard and my entire. body. hurts.

in fact sitting in this chair hurts.

in fact, i'm leaving little dirt clods on the keyboard as i type this and i just spent 5 minutes washing my hands.

i need to get in the shower, but i wanted to order a pizza (see first sentence).

and now i'm blogging.

against better judgment i planted my tomato transplants. better judgment being the ground is really, really saturated with the crazy amount of rain we've had and i should let it dry out. whatever. it's never going to stop raining i've decided so i'm just going to take it while i can.

the beginning of the veggies
 and half of the strawberry roots and a fair amount of onions and a flat of annuals- i never buy annuals, but i just wanted some color this year, and some elephant ears - so excited, i hope these work for us, and umm then i trellised the peas, mulched- though not enough. put some grass patch stuff down. swept the sidewalks after john mowed.

really, out of all of that the pain inducing thing was the strawberries. we'd let the patch go last year and i didn't do my favorite lazy person's garden prep over the winter and so i had to cut a decent amount of soddy crabgrass. i can't decide if it was easier because it the ground is so wet or if it was just heavier.

this last picture is of Laithe's peas. He checks them most days. It's pretty cute.

the most thrilling part of the day had to be when john trimmed our juniper trees. you know those projects that you put off for years, literally, and then when you do them it takes like 10 minutes and you're sheepish that it took you so long? yeah. it was one of those. i'll be curious to see how much sunlight filters through now.

i just had a 10 minute conversation with the pizza guy about the weather and his kids and the soccer games they played this weekend. and our yards and how both of us had discovered some frost damage. i heart Iowa that way.

think i should shower before i eat? i won't be able to sit on any of the furniture while i eat if i don't.

hmm. it smells awfully good though.

happy weekend to you!


Luci & Loree said...

What a fun day!!!

sierra said...

yay garden! we planted elephant ears too- well, em did. so excited for everything to grow!


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