April 30, 2012

Seed Savers avec mud

*this post was scheduled to publish over a week ago. thanks new blogger interface. we're not fans.*

A trip was taken this week to Seed Savers in Decorah. We've been buying seeds from them for a few years, but haven't been up there since Guthrie was a baby. I am purposely not going to count how many hours we spent in the car - Decorah is almost in Minnesota - and generally the kids did really well. Especially seeing as how Laithe had eaten at least 5 leftover oatmeal filled muffins the day before. Especially since he likes to poo in private and we were all in the car with him. Word to the wise one muffin equals one diaper.

We stopped at a park on the way up to get out some energy and they had one of those digger things where you can scoop and dump dirt by pulling and pushing the handles. Laithe was in heaven. Absolute heaven.

When we finally made it to Seed Savers it was nice and quiet with just the staff and a few customers.


 They had a huge sand box and a slide- with a gigantic puddle at the bottom - and loads and loads of mud. It took maybe 30 minutes before they felt like they owned the place. Shoes off. Making sand castles. Dumping and filling buckets with water from the puddle. And playing in the glorious mud. I think it was Laithe's first big mud adventure this season.

And mama was pretty happy too. I got most of what I want to put in the garden this year. Transplants or direct seeding only thank you very much. Maybe next year on the seed starting. When I have a 3 instead of a 2 year old.

Hopefully this weekend will provide some sunshine and I can put in some herbs and broccoli. I'll wait on the rest until May probably though. Until then they'll spend time in the dining room windows and on the back porch. We've got peas, beets and kale coming up though. I feel so on top of things, but talk to me in 8 weeks or so!

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