November 3, 2011

tis the season

October 1st. That was my day to sit and leisurely set about my holiday planning by writing lists in my list book. If even for just an hour. Sipping some coffee among adults. I'm sure there was adult contemporary music playing in the background. Don't mock. It's my daydream, isn't it?

When that passed I decided I would shoot for October 15th. There was still hope for a quiet moment with my lists and daydreams. And now it's November and who am I kidding?

I scratched some things on the back of a receipt while sitting in the pick up line at preschool, blaring Kings of Convenience (Laithe's sleep kryptonite), drinking the same cup of cold coffee I'd been working on for 4 hours. So glamorous.

I am getting some help this year though. Remember last year when Shutterfly did that awesome giveaway for bloggers? Well, they're doing it again! And not only are they supporting my attempts at staying ahead of the game, but they want to support you too! Are you a blogger? Do you want a chance at 25 free cards for this season? Follow this link to register your blog!

I was excited to get the email this year about another opportunity to utilize Shutterfly's card - the quality of last year's prints was awesome and the paper they were on was a good weight. I always have some trepidation about ordering cards online- what if the colors are off? What if it's that crappy photo paper that I can't write on even though I ordered cardstock? Nothing but pleased with Shutterfly's product last year though. Made the freeness even better!

Also, because of the freeness factor no Christmas cards stayed on my dresser all year. I mean there were those ones I found tucked into a knitting book last week, (sorry Nana Loree and Grandpa Hulse and Grandma Rose - you're totally getting multiple cards this year!) they were even stamped. John asked me a few weeks ago after we replaced my kindle and my phone and I had misplaced my credit card if I was always like this. I replied (with much haughtiness) that I had traveled the world alone just like this and I was fine. Thank you very much.


This year they have a ton of cute cards to choose from. Once again I am tempted to do Thanksgiving cards you know, given that it's my favorite holiday, but it's already kind of late. Next year guys. In theory. I love this one - I realize it's an invitation, but that's an easy change to make.

So Christmas cards it is, or at least holiday seasonish cards it is! My favorite is the flat stationery card. You can write on the back, it's an excellent weight and the printing is crisp. I'm always a fan of non-traditional colors, but I go back and forth between wanting a multiple picture card like Merriest of Seasons or having just really great photo shown like on Watercolor Joy. I think it will depend on if we get a really great photo over the next couple of weeks. Maybe the weather will cooperate and we'll get a tiny bit of snow- wouldn't that be seasonally appropriate?

I do hope to do a photo book this year though, for the kids for Christmas. Two of my co-workers had daughters get married this summer and both brought in printed photo books of the event. They were so very cool and polished. John's mom put together a photo book of her time in Kenya for Guthrie and it gets pulled out all the time - and sometimes taken over to the neighbors apparently. I think they would like one of our family. This year there is a new way to do the books apparently, a Custom Path, or you can go the traditional Simple Path route. I'm betting it comes down to how much time I've got!

And - as a reward for making it to the end of this super long post! Yay you! Check back here on Saturday for my first ever GIVEAWAY!! Hint: it involves Christmas cards - a whole bunch of them!


Melissa said...

Oohhh, you are such a blogger - with a giveaway and everything! I can't wait 'cause I want to win!!

Luci & Loree said...

I KNEW i had not gotten one and lost it, like your mom said i did!!!


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