October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We are in the midst of a trick or treating whirlwind to be closely followed by celebrating Guthrie's 5 (!) birthday, prefaced by a wedding with Guthrie as flower girl, sandwiched by grandparents visiting from either end of the family! Ending with a kid party extravaganza.

If we're asleep on the couch when you get here please don't wake us!

Both kids were super excited about their costumes this year. Hearty sigh of relief on my end.

Laithe was the cutest little Superman ever and Guthrie was the sweetest Rapunzel!I think my sewing skills and confidence level were definitely up this year. One late night and a few hours here and there and no potty words were needed! People are always, ugh, it's so much work to hand make costumes, but for me this is something I can give my kids. And while they may not have too many memories of these early years, I have some really great ones. Maybe this is as much for me as it is them.

Have a wonderful and safe and sugar-filled-with-no-meltdowns Halloween!!


Luci & Loree said...

Cute, cute costumes, Darah!

carol said...

Does everyone agree that I have the cutest grandchildren ever!!

sierra said...

Emma thinks it is awesome that Guthrie was Rapunzel too! And I think your costumes were amazing!


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