September 4, 2011

before and after - bathroom

Our little bathroom project is coming to a close. There's still all that stuff to do that I wrote about on my last update, however we are mostly done and I know you've just been dying to see pictures.

Here's how it looked before we moved into the house:
I didn't mind the color, but since it was on the ceiling too it was just a little small and dark.

I think she was going for tropical in Iowa.

Then I painted right before I got pregnant with Laithe and I have no pictures.

Then we went along all nicely until the leak. And then we did this:
And then we did this:

See where it gets a little strange next to the hole for the toilet? You can totally see the wood for the kitchen ceiling through it. Awesome.

Then we stopped taking pictures. Because ugh.

So after we put in a new floor, put in a new vanity, put most of the baseboard back on (my least favorite job ever) and hung 2 out of 3 shelves here is our almost finished project:

I'm super happy with it, heck, anything with a floor and a working toilet and sink and shower I'm good with right now. But it just looks really clean and almost spacious. We went with a smaller vanity to make some more room next to the toilet. And with that went one more pink item from our house. If you recall the house was filled with many, many shades of pink when we moved in. The pink counter on the vanity was one of our least favorite pink parts - and it's gone! In favor of white and beadboard. Very clean, very neutral and highly functional (as in you can totally use the toilet when you come over if you want.)

More pics to come soon! We've had a really busy weekend. . .


Aprille said...

That looks great, Darah! I am forever in awe of people who have good design sense and do their own remodeling. Great job!

Teresa said...

Love what you've done with the bathroom, and the color scheme!! Looks much more roomy - great job!


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