August 29, 2011

the tool box threw up all over our house

Bet you don't have a reciprocating saw on your kitchen counter - behind the peaches and under the bread? That's where we keep ours. It's handy that way.

We're not quite in the home stretch of this remodel. Actually I can't really even see the top of the mountain. There's three big projects; here's where we're at:

Bathroom: 99% done. A little more baseboard. A shelf. Some wood filler and caulk and we're good. Well, I mean if you don't count the heater vent that we are confounded by. Somehow it morphed during the rest of the project and we can't figure out how to put the cover back on.

Kitchen: 10% done. 10% being that scheduling is half the battle. So really, I should say kitchen: 50% as the ceiling guy is showing up early Saturday morning. That list is a little more labor intensive. Ceiling repair. New ceiling fan and pendant light over the sink - that I'm making. Hollar! Wallpaper border removal. Paint. Open shelving on the back wall. I feel like a backsplash is going to have to wait. That's ok. *just kidding. lost the scheduling battle, now we're not sure when the ceiling guy is coming. back to 0%*

Floor: Who knows how to percentage that one. We've done some work. Our pocketbook has done a hefty amount of work. And there's a lot more work to do. Actually, I feel comfortable saying there's a shit ton more work to do. We made the executive decision to refloor the whole first level instead of just the kitchen and entry. There's 702 square feet of Brazilian Redwood sitting in my garage. Someday, relatively soon, it'll be on our floor and there will be no more Pergo/Berber combo. It was totally not what I thought we were going to choose, but we ended up getting a really good deal on it. And it is pretty beautiful, at least the 3x3 foot sample was. And I think it'll be a good choice for our family in this house.

And then, because well, why the heck not? Let's add paint the dining room to the list. That will mean that when this is done we will have what feels like almost an entirely new house. It will mean that within 6 months the only rooms we haven't changed are our bedrooms, the attic, the office, and the laundry room.

pictures to come soon- hopefully after pictures!

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