July 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Every dang time I'm just floored by this. This whole growing food thing.

Do you think it'll ever get used to it?
How do you go from this little nothing:

To this overgrown, tomatoes taller than me, cucumber completely taking over, monstrosity of green:

I cannot overstate how much I love having the raised beds! Love, love, love it. I can head out early in the morning, pull a few weeds, do some watering, putter, in my work clothes. It's just so easily managed.

And things are looking good!

**you'll have to forgive the low quality of these photos. it was hot. it was 8 in the morning and 85 degrees - without humidity. the 'real feel' -what they call the heat index in these here parts -is 91. awesome. another real feel day of 115!

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