July 17, 2011

never a dull moment

Things might be a bit spotty around her for awhile. We're getting a major kitchen and bath renovation - due to a toilet leak - and it starts tomorrow.

I'm trying really hard to see the positive sides to this. The 'we won't have to pay for that much of it' positive side. The new flooring, the new ceiling, light fixtures, subflooring, all kinds of fun stuff. Fun being the operative word.

And I'm just not feeling it.

I'm certain I will have somewhat of a change of heart once our insurance guy comes up with very firm answers and budgeting stuff.

But, just ugh. I would not have picked this exact moment of our lives - or even of this summer with the heat index to be over 110 for the next 5 days - to do this.

To say that I don't deal all that well with major change would be an understatement. And I'm certain that is what this is.

Guthrie is pretty freaked out by it too.

I'm pretty freaked out by us having to block off half the downstairs while there is no floor so that Laithe doesn't find staples, brads, and tacks, oh my.

And then of course there's the whole, well, while this is being done . . . we've always wanted to replace the carpet in the other side of the house with something else, that would leave only one room of ceiling in downstairs that has a really old, crappy ceiling, wouldn't it be so much easier to paint the kitchen while this is being done and everything is out of that room etc, etc, etc?

For sure at least I'll probably paint the kitchen. The rest of it remains to be seen. We're still very much in need of a new roof this winter (apparently that's the thing to do here - roof in the winter as it's our driest season).

For sure I need to get off the computer and get down to the basement and shove stuff around so there's room for the industrial fans they're going to place down there. Or dehumidifier or whatever. And then I need to clear the kitchen. And do the dishes. And it'd be a good idea I think to prep some stuff for dinner this week since I don't think I'll be spending a lot of time in the kitchen next to the holes in the floor and ceiling.

Any advice? Should we just set up a tiny kitchen in the dining room - coffee pot and toaster at least? How does this work? It's the unknowns that I do so well with!

My dad and stepmom just went through this because of a dishwasher leak (we're such copycats) and went for the gusto and now have a beautiful new kitchen. Ours for sure won't be anywhere near, but I'm trying to hold their before and after pics in my head!

Off to the basement. To hang with the spiders. Gross.

Wish us luck and there will be pictures I'm sure - probably not much else though for who knows how long!

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Patty G said...

If you need take home dinners, just call!


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