June 13, 2011

{{right now}}

right now, i am

thankful for the quiet cup of coffee i got this morning. just me and morning edition as i got breakfast ready

happy that guthrie is feeling oh so much better than she did a few days ago. swimming lessons today!

working my way through this book. slowly, slowly so it sinks into my bones. if for no other reason than because a little girl told me yesterday she wants to be just like me. the weight of that statement fell on my like a ton of bricks.

worried that laithe is still not feeling well -- why does everything start and finish in his lungs? makes this mama so worried!

excited to start our foray into homemade laundry soap today!

thrilled to have another day of sun and fabulous temperatures to dry said laundry in

about this week's double number birthday. birthdays are always so weird for me. such a time of looking forward and back. this one i'm focused on looking at this very moment of my life and all the wonder it holds.

ready for the 6 quarts of strawberries that are waiting to turn into more jam and fruit leather. let the harvest et putting up season begin!

inspired by a rhubarb infused vodka created by a dear friend who's post i cannot find right now - maybe it will be up later! it looks very yummy! Oh dear - my reader goofed - or more likely in my exhausted state, I goofed! Rhubarb infused vodka here, by someone I totally haven't met. But doesn't it look yummy? Don't you think we'd be friends? There's a mason jar of it in my cupboard right now - infusing. I'm waiting for John to discover it.

enjoying The Eve Tree written by one of my newly-favorite writers. don't you just love it when you can fall into the language of a book -- and when the plot is good too :)

looking forward to my favorite kind of work week - the three day week!

hope you all have a wonderful week full of light and possibilities!

-format borrowed from the ever-lovely SouleMama -
who just had her 5th baby!
yay babies!

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Luci & Loree said...

I LOVE your blog, ordered 'the eve tree' on my Kindle!! Looks good!


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